API driven Health Data Platform that aggregates and normalizes Patient Data across the Care Continuum
  • Interfaces with multiple EHR systems through an extendable Interface layer
  • HITRUST assessed and complies with HIPAA Security & Privacy rules
  • Supports Interoperability standards for Health data exchange– FHIR , USCDI, CDA

Provider Viewer

Provider facing application that is fully integrated and launched from EHR desktop
  • Access the latest Discharge summary, lab reports at the Point of Care
  • Access Care gap details at the Point of Care
  • Access real-time Patient Vital information collected through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Case Manager

Single sign-on portal to coordinate Patients' Care requirements
  • Coordinate care after a Post Discharge and follow-up with Primary care
  • Reach out to patients through Chat/Email/Audio/Video calls
  • Check Medication Adherence


Patient Engagement App
  • Interact with Care Teams and share vitals and other data in real time
  • Receive alerts for medications and track Med Adherence
  • Manage Vitals through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

My Caregiver

Caregiver App
  • Access the recent Discharge summary, Medication updates for the patients under Care
  • Receive Alerts for Medications, Screenings and Vitals
  • Chat or Audio/Video call with Patients or Patients' Doctors