About Health360 Inc.

Who we are

We are a Health IT company, with a singular focus on empowering Patients, Providers, Care Managers and other Healthcare professionals to improve the Outcomes for their patients. We bring in more than a decade experience in delivering Health IT solutions for Providers, Payers and other Risk Bearing Organizations

Our mantra is “To serve better you need to understand the customer better”.


To be an innovative leader in supporting Health enterprises with tools that make them do their job more effectively


To make information available to Healthcare Professionals through Patient Empowerment

Executive Leadership

Kovilvenni Ramaswamy
Kovilvenni Ramaswamy (Ram)

Founder & CTO

Advisory Council Members

PK Malhotra
Pawan (PK) Malhotra
Mark Leenay
Mark Leenay, M.D.
Suniti Ponkshe
Suniti Ponkshe
Henry Chao
Henry Chao
Ramani Peruvemba