Eliminate the struggle of data collection

Aggregate and share Patient Clinical Data from a single location. Reduces administrative costs, improves clinical outcomes and improves Patient Engagement and Experience

The Healthcare Data Problem

Introducing SOVRINHEALTH 360™

Longitudinal View

Gain access to a 360 degree visibility into patients medical history. Reduce administrative costs related to collecting medical history.  Allow patients to easily share their medical history with their providers, including during emergencies.

Medication Tracking and Alerts

We allow Care Managers the ability to set medication alerts for Patients. Better medication adherence leads to an improved well-being as well as reduced medical costs. Alerts allow pro-active intervention with high-risk Patients which reduces healthcare costs.

Patient Communication

Supports bi-directional chat capabilities between Patients and Care Managers/Providers.

Patient Engagement

Supports members access to their medical information through Mobile Apps.

Gaps in Care Alerts

SH360 can alert PCPs, Care managers, and Patients on Gaps in Care. Pushing alerts within clinical workflow and allowing intervention at the point of care maximizes reimbursement opportunities.

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SOVRINHEALTH 360™ Overview

Health360 believes that patient care is a collaborative team sport relying on multitude of providers, caregivers, support services, and patient activities to manage a complex health management ecosystem. SH360 reduces company health costs, provides better clinical decision making, support for Telehealth, and much more.

SOVRINHEALTH 360™ - Benefits


  • Available Anytime and Anywhere
  • Owned and shared by the Patients
Better Experience
  • Reduce repeated lab tests, x-rays, and re-hospitalization
  • Better health awareness through Health Charts
  • Medication Alerts


Cost Saving
  • Reduce Administrative Burden in Data Collection
Increase Revenue
  • Gaps in Care Alerts at the Point of Care improves HEDIS scores
  • Improves outcomes and savings leading to improved Shared Savings


Cost Saving
  • Reduce costs in Data Collection
  • Reduce Patient Outreach costs through messaging, reminders, etc.
  • Out of the box Patient Engagement Tool
  • Reduce patient leakage

Risk Bearing Orgs

Patient Focused
  • Improve Patient Engagement
  • Alerts at the point of care for better intervention
Reduced Cost
  • Eliminate unnecessary high cost procedures
  • Maximize reimbursement

SOVRINHEALTH 360™ - Platform Features

Medication Alerts

Medication Alerts for the Patients (thru Patient App) for better Med Adherence

Immunization Alerts

Pending and upcoming Vaccine alerts based on CDC Schedule

Chat Messaging

Chat or Instant messaging between Patients, Providers and Care Managers

Delta View

Access to recent hospital or any emergency admissions since last visit

Medications & Lab Reports

Access to current Medication list and Lab Reports

Patient Immunization Records

Access to member’s immunization history

Gaps in Care Alerts

Alerts for any Gaps in Care at the Point of Care


Medication Reminders

Get medication alerts for medicines on a timely basis

Health Charts

Track your health in an easy to read graphical form

Provider Directory

Easy access to connect to your provider’s systems

Immunization Alerts

View all past immunizations and get alerted for future immunizations



Integration with multiple EHR, Pharmacies & Laboratories. Leverages FHIR and SMART on FHIR standards.

360 View Anywhere

Patients can access and share the data anytime, anywhere

Mobile Enabled

Support for iOS and Android.

API Enabled

Support for FHIR APIs for programmatic consumption.